We should feel truly blessed to live and breathe on this planet and we must do everything we can to preserve our precious world.

We must give immense credit to those out there who are making giant strides in keeping our planet safe as we continue to abuse our planet everyday and go about our lives doing the same things, making the same mistakes over and over again.

We need people like Pat Smith.

Pat Smith, a 70-year-old grandmother from Cornwall, UK, has made huge contributions to tackle plastic pollution on our coasts.

After she watched a documentary on plastic pollution she felt very unsettled and challenged herself to go it alone and start cleaning beaches week by week.

Pat’s local community truly supported her idea and rallied around the project. Pat would lead her grandchildren and other eager volunteers onto the beaches and ultimately accomplish what she said she was going to do.

In a little over a year, Pat’s dedicated team cleared 52 beaches in Cornwall. But there’s more to the story..

Pat is going stronger than ever to make our planet a better world to live in.

There were some people that thought Pat was cleaning up the beach as a part of some criminal community service program or some work for the homeless project.

Pat states that we must all take responsibility for the correct disposal of our waste and trash and we should pick up after ourselves, not thinking to litter to start with!

In her quest to clean up our beaches, Smith launched an exciting and much needed initiative named The Final Straw.

The Final Straw is aimed at raising awareness about the harm of generic plastic straws. Pat hopes that the initiative will make a huge impact on plastic management techniques and ultimately ridding the area of plastic straws.

Pat has partnered with other forward-thinking ambassadors for change such as Martin Dorey, who founded 2 Minute Beach Clean. She has also joined Wayne Dixon an ambassador for Keep Britain Tidy.

Plastic straws are what’s known as a destructive use of single-use plastic.

They have pretty much no other purpose other than what they’re intended for, ultimately becoming a useless piece of plastic. They needlessly pollute our oceans and fill our dumps. And you want to know the crazy part…? Every bit of plastic in the oceans will outlive thousands of generations to come. We’re literally screwing up the world for our children, and their children.

Pat Smith is showing the world that if we can all just come to together, if we all really want to save the planet, WE REALLY CAN!

So, how are you planning on saving our planet?