Aldi to Replace 12.5 Million Single-use Plastic Bags With Compostable Bags


Supermarket chain Aldi is set to start 2020 a lot greener!

From January 2020, every one of its 139 stores in the Republic of Ireland will have three new eco-friendly bag options to choose from, replacing single-use plastic bags.

The amazing transition will see 12.5 million plastic bags being replaced by 100% eco-friendly, compostable options every year.

The new range of eco-bags include “Aldi Reusable Shopping Bags”, reusable and recyclable “Paper Bags for Life” and loose produce bags.

All the new bags for loose fruit and veg will be 100% compostable, as well as the Aldi Shopping Bags. The Paper Bag for Life will be also be reusable and recyclable. Of the 12.5 million single-use plastic bags, 10 million will be loose produce bags, and the rest will be shopping bags.

John Curtin, Group Buying Director at Aldi Ireland, said:

“We are very proud to be the first retailer in Ireland to offer customers biodegradable and plastic-free alternatives to our entire produce and carrier bag range, including fruit and vegetable bags, standard carrier bags and Bags for Life.

With 139 supermarkets in the Republic of Ireland, we are excited to see the environmental impact this new initiative will have in communities across the country.”

The new range of compostable bags can be disposed of in regular compost bins. They have a maximum load weight of 12kg and they’re made from corn starch. The recyclable paper bags can carry a whopping 20kg of produce and they are made from FSC certified eco-friendly paper and printed with sustainable water-based inks.

Credit: AldiAldi aims to completely eliminate hard-to-recycle plastic packaging by the end of 2020. They also aim to eliminate single use packaging from their core range of food products as well – expanded polystyrene, PVC, and non-detectable black plastic will all be banished.

Aldi has recently banned undetectable black plastic packaging from its beef range and also its fruit and vegetable range this year in an incredible move that has seen 8.15 million non-recyclable black plastic trays removed from stores annually.

Plans for the Future?

Aldi says that the plastic bags are just the beginning and they’ve set their sights on something much bigger. They plan to reduce plastic packaging overall by 25% by the end of 2023.

Cutting out single use plastic bags is a great step towards their primary goal. The next step towards that main goal is to ensure that 100% of its Aldi label packaging will be reusable, recyclable, or compostable by the end of 2022.

Matt Orwell
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