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Apocalypse Begins? Russian Orthodox Church Says Battle of Armageddon is Imminent


A Russian Patriarch has warned that the apocalypse is imminent.

Each religion has their tale about the end of the world, and the Russian Orthodox church have claimed it might be closer than we thought.

A Patriarch for the Russian Orthodox church took to a church square in Moscow, to preach to masses of eager listeners about the very real danger of the end of the world, and that the threat is imminent.

He likened the catastrophic news stories that have become all to common, to incidents in the Book of Revelations, which in the bible signal the end of the world.

He urged citizens and politicians alike to come together and halt the process, to stop the conflict and try to leave in peace with one another.

Patriarch Kirill told the people of Russia to make a stand against the atrocities in the world, saying that the end of the world can be seen plain and simple with the naked eye, and that if you cannot see, you must be ‘blind’.

The Patriarch reminded the people about the events at the end of the last century, and how Russia was torn apart by ruthless leaders. He said that the politicians must take a stand, or see the same atrocities repeated again.

Patriarch Kirill held a mass at the Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow on his 71st birthday, during which he presented the heads of the Orthodox Church with sacred head wear dating back 100 years to when Patriarch Tikhon was head of the church.

It is not uncommon for religious leaders to warn that the ‘end days’ are here. While these warning sometimes refer to a physical end of the world (of which we have yet to see) often they are stark warnings about humanity, and the dire straights the human race seems to gotten themselves into, in terms of war, religion, capitalism, and every other negative thing that we have brought upon ourselves.

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