Brazilian Dentist Arrested for Allegedly Killing Over 1000 Jaguars


We are hearing too may stories of the devastating impact us humans have on our natural environment and wildlife.

Many animals are in danger and the Jaguar is no exception. The big cats are having to fight harder than ever to survive in the world. And now, a new story has been brought to our attention that will leave you raging inside.

A Brazilian man and his gang of poacher friends have allegedly killed more than 1000 of the beautiful cats in the last thirty years, according to an ongoing police investigation.

Recently, Brazilian authorities busted a gang of heartless poachers who they believe to be responsible for the deaths of thousands of endangered animals, such as jaguars, capybaras, collared peccarys and red brocket deers.

Authorities say a dentist named Temistocles Barbosa Freire is the ring leader of the 7-man gang of poachers.

After a police operation involving wiretaps and surveillance, police were able to wiretapped monitor photos and videos from the men’s cell phones before making the arrests.

The operation lasted three months but in that time, police say they witnessed the men kill 8 jaguars, 13 capybaras, 10 hounds and two deer.

Further investigation by authorities has now revealed that the group has probably been responsible for the killing of thousands of endangered animals since 1987, including over 1000 jaguars.

Listed on the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, any international trade of jaguars or their body parts is strictly illegal. The jaguar is the largest cat in Latin America.

Along with the dentist ring leader, a doctor, a prison officer and a worker from the judicial branch were also arrested.

The Brazilian Federal Court has now opened criminal cases of illegal hunting against all seven men, who face lengthy prison time if found guilty.

Matt Orwell
Matt is a renowned journalist, activist, and life guru. A passionate writer and freethinker, Matt is awake to the reality that really molds us. By using his plethora of experience and knowledge, he is able to connect to the world, providing valuable insights and reporting in hope of creating a more informed, more sustainable, and more awake planet.

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