Cheeky Pig Stole 18 Beers From Campers, Got Drunk & Started Fight With Cow


According to, campers in Port Hedland, Australia were having a fun filled weekend of beer, bonfires, and adventure when they were woken one night only to find a pig running off with 18 cans of their beer!

No, we’re not making this up, this actually happened…

At a campground around Port Hedland, Australia, some careless campers were stupid enough to leave their precious beer outside before they went to bed. Schoolboy error.

Days before the incident, it had been reported to the campground owners that there had been a rogue pig running around the site and sifting through people’s belongings and stealing food, drink and whatever else it could get its teeth into.

One camper who said they woke up to witness the carnage said:

“It was in the middle of the night, and it was these people opposite of us and I heard this crunching of the can, and they got their torch out and shined it on the pig and there he was, crunching away at their cans.”

Unfortunately for the campers, the pig was gulping down their last beer by the time he was spotted and proceeded to drunkenly tumble off into the bush…

According to witness reports, he ran off to go find something to eat by routing through the trash.

The pig who was clearly feeling too confident at this point then started a fight with a cow, according to witnesses.

A lady named Merida who witnessed it said:

“Then he went and raided their rubbish…then there were some other people camped right on the edge of the river, and they saw him running around their vehicle being chased by a cow. Apparently, the pig showed up several nights in a row, causing chaos and helping himself to anything he could find to “pig out” on.”

When the pig was finished with his war with the cow, he reportedly made his way to a small watering hole where he later found drunk and asleep laying under a tree for shelter.

One camper who had heard the commotion unfold snapped this picture of the pig:

“Actual picture of the cheeky little pig after some campers found him under the tree” credit: Merida

Unfortunately however, this story does have a pretty sad and morbid ending… needless to say, it didn’t end well for the pig.

Still drunk and probably hungover the pig got hit by a truck passing through the campsite as it tried to cross the road

Witnesses later found out it was him because of the pig’s unique markings on top of his head and ear.

Watch the crazy video below and see for yourself!

Lara Ramirez
Lara is a passionate traveler and writer and actively seeks to draw attention to current world affairs and ways we can protect our planet. She is a free-thinker and loves to share her wealth of experience and knowledge in the hope of entertaining and to broaden your mind.

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