Crazy Theory States It’s Actually The Year 1720 Because The Early Middle Ages Were Faked


Does anyone really know what date it is?

Most cultures and religions have their own interpretation of how old the world is, and what time we are currently living in.

But most of them will tell you that now is approximately 2,000 since ‘Jesus’ was around, and we have many books and records which document life on earth since those times until the present day.

But there have been a theory revealed which states that we are currently living in the year 1720, because all of the middle ages were faked and never really happened.

German historian Heribert Illig has proposed the ‘Phantom Time Hypothesis‘ in which he states that we have been duped about what really happened in the Middle aged.

He believes that 297 years were made up, after Pope Sylvester II, Holy Roman Emperor Otto III, and Byzantine Emperor Constantine VII came up with a plan to invent a period of time and the events that occurred during it.

It must be noted that during the time when Illig has proposed that this happened, the majority of the masses were incredibly downtrodden and uneducated.

There were only a very few select people who were educated enough to properly understand the world, and these were the people that ruled it. It does seem somewhat conceivable that the ruling leaders would have the intellect and arrogance to think something like this up, and have the right kind of people underneath them to believe it.

Illig states that there just isn’t enough evidence of historical events between the years 614 AD and 911 AD to prove that these years really happened.

He says that the lull in events during this time compared to the vastly more exciting events that occurred at either side of these dates means that these years simply did not exist.


Matt Orwell
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