Elon Musk Claims 100 Tesla Gigafactories is Enough to Power The Entire World


Elon Musk has made an amazing claim about his company.

Elon Musk has said that he believes the entire planet could be powered with just 100 Tesla ‘Gigafactories’.

The Tesla Gigafactories specialize in creating renewable sources of energy such as lithium ion batteries, and their Tesla vehicle batteries.

On a recent showcase of one of his Gigafactories, he took environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio with him, who has also campaigned tirelessly for environmental changes.

He revealed in a video (below) the bold claim about his Gigafactories, saying: 

“We actually did the calculations to figure out what it would take to transition the whole world to sustainable energy. You’d need 100 Gigafactories.”

The Gigafactory’s aim is to become totally self sufficient in terms of power, they hope by 2020 they will have produced more li-ion batteries than were produced in the whole of the world in 2013.

The Tesla Gigafactory

Lithium ion batteries are a great renewable energy source, as they can be re-charged where traditional batteries need to be thrown away or re-cycled after they have been spent.

Tesla are the world leaders when it comes to renewable energy, and they say they aren’t going to stop until the whole world is running of super-efficient renewable energy.

They have recently been publicizing their new solar panels designed for roofs, which they claim will be cheaper than the cost of fitting a standard roof – a no brainer for any house builders.

In the video which follows DiCaprio and Musk around the Gigafactory, Musk references his main source of renewable energy, the sun.

He says, “the sun doesn’t shine all the time, so you’ve got to store it in a battery.”

The tireless way in which Musk and Tesla have envisioned and are working towards a future where all our energy is self-sufficient puts other energy companies to shame. With every new invention, their plans for a green planet get ever nearer.

Lara Ramirez
Lara is a passionate traveler and writer and actively seeks to draw attention to current world affairs and ways we can protect our planet. She is a free-thinker and loves to share her wealth of experience and knowledge in the hope of entertaining and to broaden your mind.

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