The new law states, that every student must plant 10 trees in order to graduate from school or college.

This new legislation is predicted to establish over 175 million new trees each year. Some even predict this will bring in billions of new trees in a single generation.

The forest cover in the Philippines has seen a dramatic drop from 70% to just 20% over the past 100 years, and now the alarms are sounding. Meaning, this law is more than just a good idea, it’s 100% necessary to restore the land, establish healthier soil, and thus, insects, animals and birds will return.

This is a huge win for the Philippines, as students and activists have been fighting the on-going deforestation by holding demonstration after demonstration. After many years, their campaigning seems to be finally paying off, as this new law is passed.

Politician, Gary Alejano, from the Philippines was responsible of introducing this law said,

“if every one of the 17.5 million students graduating from elementary school, high school and college each year plants 10 trees, there will be an estimated 525 billion trees planted in one generation!”

It’s not only recently that the Philippines have done something amazing like this, back in 2014, The Philippines broke a world record by planting more than 3 million trees in a single hour!

It’s no surprise that planting millions of trees can bring about major change, even in the local climate. Where soil was once barren, dry and void of all life, with tree cover, ground cover comes. When the leaves fall, that once barren soil, starts to spring to life with the new organic matter.

Bugs now have a place to live, the soil keeps building up with layers of organic material and soon the animals and birds show up to feast on the bugs and small plants now growing from the newly established soil. It’s not long before the water table rises because the ground can now hold more water, it doesn’t simply run off the dry compacted ground anymore.

Photographer And Wife Plant 2 Million Trees In 20 Years To Restore The Land, Even The Animals Have Returned

Can you see now why this is so important? This method can be replicated anywhere in the world where the land needs restoration. Many have already proved, even the harshest of earth’s climates can be restored into paradise with the right amount of love and attention to detail.


In 2014, The Philippines broke World Record by planting more than 3 million trees in an hour from HumansBeingBros