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Finally, Some Truth In Advertising as Billboard Reads: “Atheists Make Better Lovers”


According to one new billboard, there’s yet another reason to give up religion: Because it makes you a better lover.

The new billboard, located in Santa Ana, California, is paid for by a freethinking group from the area, The Backyard Skeptics, and their advertising campaign, while also intended as humorous, went live just before Valentine’s Day. Which, you have to admit, is pretty fortuitous timing!

As the billboard says,

Atheists make better lovers. (After all, nobody is watching.)

Not only that but the image is pretty perfect for the romantic holiday: Two pairs of feet poking out from under bed sheets.

The punch line “nobody is watching” is especially cheeky. After all, without the absence of a judgmental god in your life, the reason to do or not do things is because you want to (or don’t want to), and based on what you believe is right. You don’t have to live your life based on some code written down in an old book, likely by a bunch of self-important men.

As Backyard Skeptics themselves explain:

“On Feb 2, 2016, Backyard Skeptics in association with American Atheists from New Jersey, placed a billboard off Harbor and First in Santa Ana, CA for 30 days. This billboard was timed with Valentine’s day to promote a godless love day for lovers.

Backyard Skeptics previously has placed over 14 secular billboards in Orange County promoting a non-theist worldview. Some have been more controversial then others. Many times a newspaper, magazine or tv news crews have released articles and news clips on our billboards. With over 22% of Americans not affiliated with any religion (and increasing – 33% for those under 30), these billboards might become boring ‘so what?’ billboards in the future!”

We couldn’t be happier to see groups going after the things that traditionally in American life have been dominated by religious groups and old-fashioned codes of conduct; religious groups have ruined enough relationships, and it’s about time more people started taking full ownership of their sexuality and right to pleasure, free of judgment that comes from old books.

But what do you think? Do atheists do it better?

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