Fish Shop Busted After Using Googly Eyes To Make Fish Look Fresher


A fishmonger in Kuwait has been duping his customers by sticking ‘googly’ eyes onto semi rotten fish in order to make them seem fresher!

The practice of enhancing the appearance of food to make it appear more appetizing is not a new one. We’ve heard of prawns being injected with filler to make them seem larger, fruit sprayed with paint to make them appear fresher, and now, a Kuwaiti fishmonger has been busted by attempting to trick customers to buy his half rotten fish by sticking fake eyes on them.

Fish, like any food item whether it’s meat or vegetable based, is much more in demand when it’s fresh. The fresher the fish, the higher potential of someone buying it at a higher price. The fish shop owner in Kuwait attempted to mask the “oldness” of his fish and placed googly eyes over the rotten remains of where the eyes used to be to make it appear fresh.

A 10-second clip of the discovery has gone viral on various social media outlets.

In the clip below, a woman can be seen removing the fish’s fake eyes.

After the woman removes the fake eyes, the real eyes were revealed. A putrid yellow and recessed hole – a prime indication that the fish was old and certainly not fresh, the complete opposite of what she had been sold.

A Fishy Situation

After going viral on various social media platforms, it was drawn to the attention of Kuwait’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry in under a week. The Ministry say they are deeply saddened by the incident and are reported to be carrying out a full investigation.

Despite the ministry condemning the fishmonger’s practices, jokes continued to swirl on social media, most of which were about how “fishy” the situation seemed to be.

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