Girl Throws Pizza Party For The Homeless Instead Of A Graduation Party

A Texas senior with a massive heart has turned her high school graduation celebration into a pizza party for homeless children and women!

Rather than celebrating herself, Leanne Carrasco decided to help those who were more in need after graduating from Waltrip High School. Leanne had the choice to host a party for her graduation or host a pizza party for homeless people in her area.

She told KPRC that making a difference to the lives of those less fortunate was far more important to her than having a graduation party.


Residents of the Star Hope Center in Huston who attended the party received personal hygiene bags as well as pizza and corn on the cob.

She told ABC13:

“You don’t see this all the time, and it’s very fulfilling to know that I’m able to help others instead of just helping myself. It feels so amazing.”

Over the past few years, Carrasco has been a regular volunteer at Star of Hope’s Women and Family Development Center.

Her family are very supportive of her and have helped tremendously. This year, she gave away 90 pizzas and 400 personal hygiene bags to 200 of the center’s residents, meaning that each person got half a pizza and two hygiene bags. What’s more, she also gave each person a side of corn on the cob.

She added:

“I just want to be a blessing and show these beautiful women and children that no matter what, someone does care.”

In the future,Carrasco hopes to make a career out of helping people less fortunate than her. She is currently planning to study nursing at Briar Cliff University in Iowa and we think she’ll most likely make an awesome nurse!