We’ve heard of some pretty crazy contests around the world with people obsessed with showcasing obscure things to highlight their talents or personalities.

Some people just enjoy finding new friends and having a laugh along the way such as in crazy events like extreme ironing. If your unfamiliar with it, it’s where contestants try to iron clothes in the most extreme places possible such as underwater or while skydiving.

And now, we have came across another contest straight out of Canada that looks like a blast.

We’ve never seen anything like it before and the conditions in Whitehorse, Yukon are absolutely perfect for this unique but enchanting contest. People generally tend to stay indoors at this time of year in the Yukon, mainly because temperatures can reach –22.

Not these crazy people though and they have a very good reason!

They willingly go outside every February to compete in the annual Hair Freezing Contest of Whitehorse, Canada.

We’ve compiled a list of snaps for you to gawp at! Take a look in amazement at some of their creations:

The below-freezing temperatures, combined with a swim in the 104 degree hot springs makes for one very unique and crazy contest – A hair freezing contest!

Due to the freezing air temperature, when these contestants emerge from the warm and waters, their hair freezes instantly in whatever shape they choose to model.

What’s more, the Takhini Hot Springs pays the winners $150 cash! The contestants are free to shape their frozen hair into any design they wish.

It certainly looks like the more hair you have, the better your chances of winning.

The Takhini hot springs are a very popular tourist destination in the Yukon. The area boasts over 300 acres of hiking, biking, skiing, and walking trails and they are open all year round for enthusiasts to enjoy the breathtaking scenery and the warm, relaxing hot springs.

The springs are rich with minerals that are great for your skin and have been used for over a century for soaking.

The springs are located in the Yukon’s Boreal Forest, 25 miles from Whitehorse, Canada, and they have a long history. The springs are also number one in the list of most visited destinations in the entire Yukon.

The hot springs were originally marketed for having healing and therapeutic values due to the rich mineral content back in 1907. By the 1940’s, the springs introduced the first hot tub, using wood and canvas for the U.S. Army who was constructing the long Alaskan Highway.

It has been a hugely popular tourist destination ever since.

The springs are located in a very remote area and offer complete privacy to whoever wants to dip there.

You’re even able to see the Northern Lights while taking a relaxing bath the mineral rich 104 degree water. You can only imagine how spectacular that would be!

We never even knew this place existed, let alone ever heard of a hair freezing contest! This little getaway looks serene and unforgettable in the winter and summer months alike.