You Thinking What I’m Thinking? Science Finds Our Brains Can Literally “Be on the Same Wavelength”


Science proves that your brain can be on someone else’s ‘wavelength’.

Have you ever met someone and instantly clicked?

We sometimes meet a person who we will be drawn to more than anyone else. You might not even have anything in common with this person, but you just seem to understand each other.

People claim that their good buddies are on the same ‘wavelength’ as each other. While this is a nice way of describing a close friendship, science has proven that this is factually true.

Neuroscience researcher Uri Hassan at Princeton University has found that our brains can tune into each other. He calls the process “brain coupling”.

Hassan’s research involved two people, one telling a story and the other listening. While these activities usually involve totally different parts of the brain, he found that certain people’s brain waves were able to tune in to each other.

He found that the more similarly the brainwaves were able to become, the more the subjects ‘understood’ each other.

From the study:

“Sometimes when you speak with someone, you get the feeling that you cannot get through to them, and other times you know that you click. When you really understand each other, your brains become more similar in responses over time.”

Human beings often get an involuntary feeling when meeting a new person. It is as if our brains can detect if we are likely to be able to ‘brain couple’ with them before we even know anything about their personality.

Gut feeling

Our brains and bodies are far more adept at being able to judge situations than we give the credit for. Have you ever had a ‘gut feeling’ about someone that later turned out to be true? This is because we can detect invisible impulses about brain waves from our fellow man without even realizing it.

Perhaps as humans, we should learn to trust our ‘gut’ instincts more. We can often be blinded by distractions when we encounter new potential friends. Have you ever been put off by someone who, on paper you should get along with however you didn’t ‘click’.

Don’t be distracted by the way someone portrays themselves to the world, perhaps with flashy clothes and cars. Trust what your brain, and your gut is trying to tell you.

Dr. Hassan explains his experiment and the relationship between two people’s brainwaves in his TED talk video below…

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