This 18,000 year old ‘dog’ was recently discovered and could be the oldest dog ever found.

Scientists are unsure whether this is a dog, wolf, or one of the missing links between the two. But on this is sure, it looks a lot like a dog from where I’m sat.

The “dog”, now named “Dogor”, was found in 2018 in a lump of frozen earth near the Indigirka River, north-east of Yakutsk, Siberia.

18000 year old dog

Dr Sergey Fedorov, the scientist leading the investigation in Siberia, turned to the Swedish Center for Palaeogenetics (CPG) in an effort to establish whether it was a wolf cub or dog.

Swedish scientists confirmed in a Tweet the animal was indeed 18,000 years old, but added:

“So far, we have sequenced it’s genome to 2X coverage but we still can’t say if it’s a wolf or a dog. “Maybe it’s the common ancestor? More sequencing needed.”

Dr Fedorov, from the Institute of Applied Ecology of the North, at Russia’s North-Eastern Federal University, said further analysis will continue to be carried out into the future.

According to a publication in Nature Communications, suggests domestication of modern dogs from a population of gray wolves happened between 20,000 and 40,000 years ago.

So, this could very well be a domesticated dog, one of the very first, ever. Aren’t we lucky to have a chance to discover and share something so ancient, and beloved.

Did you know that dogs were the first animal to be domesticated by humans?