A Macaw parrot in Edmonton, London found itself trapped on top of a house roof for three days.

When firefighters from the London Fire Brigade finally got to the building to rescue Jessie the parrot, the bird promptly told them all to “f**k off”

London Fire Chief, Chris Swallow, told the Telegraph that the parrot was thought to be injured. Volunteers were assembled and were sent up to try and tempt the bird back down from the roof.

The parrot’s owners told the rescue crews to calmly whisper “I love you,” to calm her down and hopefully get her to follow, but instead Jessie just kept on repeatedly telling crew members to f**k off!

The fire crew tried every trick in the book to coax the parrot down. They even tried saying the word “come” in three languages, English, Turkish and Greek – the languages that her owner taught her.

Photo Credit: Twitter User @PaulWood1961

Eventually, Jessie decided to give up the fight and defiantly came down from the roof on her own accord. Thankfully she wasn’t injured. According to the Telegraph, Jessie didn’t come straight down. She apparently flew to another roof and then to a tree before finally ending up back with her owner at home.

Jessie is now at home safe & sound with her owner very thankful to all those involved in the rescue operation.

For many years it was thought that parrots didn’t actually understand what they were saying. Common theory stated that the birds were just mimicking and replicating sounds and noises that were repeatedly used by their owners. According to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Georgia however, parrots do have a pretty good grasp of the meanings behind a large array of words that they say.

Whats more, researchers have also shown that parrots and other mimic birds can alter their speech, tone and depth depending on the situation and people in the room.

It’s clear to see that something very similar was taking place with Jessie when he was confronted with a highly distressing situation. While surrounded by a group of strangers on a high roof, in his mind he was politely saying, “Leave me alone!”