See the Northern Lights From a Glass Igloo in the Heart of the Finnish Wilderness!


Seeing the Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights as it’s more commonly known, is on pretty much everyone’s bucket list!

For most, the experience is often life changing, certainly if you’re lucky enough to truly observe and appreciate this natural phenomenon. Well now there is a resort in Finland that revolves around giving you the best Aurora experience possible.

The Aurora Borealis is visible for about 200 days a year in the Kakksauttanen Resort, Finland. You can book your place in one of the luxury Kelo-Glass igloos from August through to April.

The bedroom in the igloo is kitted out with a full panoramic glass roof to give you unobstructed views of the beautiful sky and special thermal glass is used so you stay nice and warm even though it’s -40 degrees Fahrenheit outside!

The glass is coated in a special material that prevents it from freezing.

Each igloo sleeps up to 6 people and feature a private sauna, fireplace, and kitchenette.

Take a look at the awesome gallery or watch the video provided to get a glimpse of what the experience can be:

Matt Orwell
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