That’s right folks, the renewable energy scene could be seeing a huge upgrade soon.

This revolutionary innovation, is using a “thermal battery” being developed by Curtin University researchers. This is the key to making a solar power system capable of producing electricity at night, when cloudy, or raining.

This has been one of solar powers biggest draw backs, night time and bad weather. But, with this new technology emerging we could see a major revolution in renewable energy.

Curtin is currently collaborating with renewable energy companies from around the world. United Sun Systems and ITP Thermal are working with this potential game-changing project, led by Professor Craig Buckley from Curtin’s School of Electrical Engineering, Computing and Mathematical Sciences.

Professor Buckley said the thermal battery was part of a Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) system being developed by United Sun Systems. This system requires a battery to store and later release that energy to enable a non-stop solar power generation.

“Storage has long been a stumbling point for renewable energy but our prototype thermal battery is able to store and, as required, release solar energy without reliance on sunlight at all times,” Professor Buckley said.

“The battery uses a high-temperature metal hydride or metal carbonate as the heat storage medium and a low temperature gas storage vessel for storing the hydrogen or carbon dioxide.”

“At night, and in times of cloud cover, hydrogen or carbon dioxide is released from the gas storage vessel and absorbed by the higher temperature metal to form a metal hydride/metal carbonate, which produces heat used to generate electricity.”

Curtin University, Research Professor, Chris Moran, said the projects goal is to develop a solar power system that can produce electricity 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and make it cheap enough for industry adoption.

“As with the lithium battery systems that Curtin is also developing, the deployment of a cost-effective energy storage system using thermal batteries will revolutionize the landscape of renewable energy production world-wide by allowing renewables to truly compete with fossil fuels,” Professor Moran said.

“While a lithium battery stores electrical energy that can be used to provide electricity when the sun is not shining, this thermal battery stores heat from concentrated solar thermal, which can be used when the sun is not shining to run a turbine to produce electricity.”

The research gets slightly more complicated to understand next, but the professionals are on top of this believe you me.  Basically, the new technology needs to use what’s known as “thermochemical energy storage” from a “thermal battery” into a device known as a “dish-Stirling system”.

A dish-Stirling system is a powerful device that can provide up to 46 kW of power and is ideal for powering remote energy intensive projects that require high power on demand. Several dishes can be added depending on power requirements.

solar at night
dish-Stirling system from

If you followed all that and you agree this is a wonderful idea that needs to be watched make sure to share this around, before someone buys up this technology and makes it disappear forever.