The “Hippy Van” is back, and powered by electricity! Meaning, we can finally power our hippy traveling adventures by renewable energy!

The ultimate travel dream for many is to use their electric vehicle and a couple solar panels to travel the world and pay almost nothing in transportation costs.

Using renewable energy, such as power derived from wind power or solar panels, we can now live and travel in new ways unavailable before.

Volkswagen is introducing a brand new electric model of its much loved hippy van and apparently will come with all of the benefits we expect from a modern vehicle.

renewable energy minivan

The updated model, pictured above, clearly has several updated qualities. Volkswagen is calling this new electric vehicle the “ID Buzz” and it supposed to be an updated version of its iconic minivan from the 60s and 70s!

vw electric hippie van

The Van comes with a “Modular Electrification Toolkit”, or MEB, their electric motorization system combining batteries and motors.

The ID Buzz minivan reportedly will have a range of almost 500 kilometers and can charge up to 80% in just 30 minutes!

So, do you want to see what this space-age futuristic electric hippie van looks like on the inside? Of course you do. Curiosity killed the cat. You must know. I must Know. We all must know. What does it look like!

As you can see this vehicle truly resembles modern design and futuristic appeal. Some might find this too much of a radical change but what do you think?

look inside vw new van

I feel like this car makes me really feel like it’s actually 2020. We were promised flying cars and such by now right? I guess we can settle for this for a while.

vw electric hippy van

Hopefully the next version comes with retractable wings or quadcopter blades, so we can fly away if our neighbors are annoying, but until then I’ll keep dreaming and wishing.

This new electric van, “ID BUZZ” will begin production in 2022, so it won’t be long until you start to see these on the road. Just remember you saw it here first!

More information about this new car available on Volkswagan’s website here:

What do you think of the design then folks? Yay or nay? Why or why not? We are curious to hear your feedback.