For any post-graduate student living in the US, you are probably feeling a little suffocated under the pressures of your student loan.

For any outsider looking in or anyone that is just confused about how this system works, hear it here first that the student debt is an absolute travesty, representing everything that is broken within America’s education system

Graduates can often take many decades to pay off their loan that they initially took to pay for college. It is a mainstay of discussion for the upcoming 2020 elections.

A recent study shows who the real victims are. So far in 2019, borrowers owe over 1.5 trillion dollars in student loans which could make 2019 one of the worst on record . A survey conducted by the College Board states that inflation rates have almost tripled between 2007 to 2018.

But for now, we can leave the stats alone. Below is a series of posts and tweet from the real victims of this debt trap.

Here’s what they had to say about it:

Let’s just hope that this ridiculous system is completely changed so we can secure the future of our future generations.