This Incredible Maine Coon Cat Is Called Lotus And Is a Gigantic Fluff-Ball of Love


If you’re like me, then you love cats! Even the biggest of cat lovers among you will still find this Maine Coon the most incredible of them all!

Cat’s are awesome. Let’s face it. They’re super sweet and fluffy and give endless amounts of love…if you treat with the respect they muster.

When it comes to Maine Coons, they are all about fur, beauty, warmth, and lots of love!

If you happen to be on instagram, take a look at Lotus The Maine Coon cat. The big guy is enough to instantly warm your heart and 270,000 other followers. Needless to say, this beautiful Maine Coon cat has really taken the internet by storm!

Our large feline friend has very distinctive long fur around his neck and head, framing his stunning face and capturing the most amazing expressions. Lotus has huge full paws and a super soft tail with majestic lynx-like ears.

Maine Coons, the largest breed of domestic cat, are known as the Gentle Giants.

They continue to grow and develop until around the age of 4 years with males weighing up to 25lbs and about 40 inches long.

Don’t let their enormous demeanor fool you however, these terrific cats have become very popular dude to their love-giving nature. They are very playful and have the ability to develop super close binds with their owners.

Lotus is from Sweden, and naturally gets to see many beautiful places with his human family. And he also has a Maine coon sister named Marion. The siblings adore playing in the back garden and exploring their surroundings and the family often take them on hikes.

The adventures of Lotus have captured the attention of hundreds of thousands of cat-loving fans who just can’t get enough of his fluffy physique.

His owner, Lindstein, says:

“He loves to sleep on the backrest of the house and sleep in bed [with us]. He is very kind, gentle and careful. He loves his family, likes to kiss. He often sleeps on his back, very relaxed!”

We’ve compiled some awesome images that you’ll love of Lotus below. Scroll down adorable photos of this large ball of love:

Although he’s just yawning since he just woke up, Lotus sure still looks charming! He might be an internet star, but he still has to help in the kitchen to prepare dinner.

He even likes to watch mom cook!

The girl is relaxing with the Instagram star.

He appears to be in a serious mood, but his fluffy mane makes him all the more irresistibly adorable.

Lotus’ long fur is simply out of control on windy days

Who wouldn’t fall in love with his infectious smile?!

His thick wavy fur is the perfect protection against freezing on cold and snowy days

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