Man Builds Custom “Doggy-Kayak” So His Dog Buddies Could Share His Passion


Tired of going on kayak adventures by himself, this retired American man decided to adapt his kayak so his best friends could join too!

Some people may have just found a new hobby, but such was his passion for the water and the thrill of the kayak, he retrofitted his boat so that his two golden retrievers could ride along with him in comfort!

David is a former orthopedic surgeon and claims this whole idea started when he watched one of his dogs, Susie, jump into the baggage compartment of the small boat all by herself.

David says that their first trip out on the water was a great success! Most dogs love the water and most like the feel of air rushing in their faces so no wonder Susie was soon hooked on this new activity that she could enjoy with her beloved human.

After David and his wife decided to adopt another dog, Ginger, it was obvious what needed to happen. After all, he could’t just leave Ginger behind to watch them have fun. So David kitted out his kayak with another slot so that he could take both of his doggy friends out with him.

He told TheDodo:

“When we got Ginger, I just put in another hole. It’s like a triple kayak, only there isn’t enough room for the paddlers to put their feet — but it’s perfect for a dog.”

Susie and Ginger can sit very comfortably in their seats and fully enjoy the ride while David rows.

David says that the dogs are very well-behaved in his pimped out kayak and are conscious of remaining safe:

“They are trained to get in the kayak themselves on command. They sit down, and off we go. When we come ashore, they’ll stay seated until I tell them it’s OK to get out. They never hopped out into the water, actually.”

Unfortunately, Ginger and Susie have since passed away but you have to say that they had an exciting and fulfilled life. But David is a dog lover and can’t bare to without the company of his four legged friends for very long.

David now dedicated his time to training his two new adopted pets to enjoy the thrill of being out with him in the kayak, continuing the heartwarming tradition. This is a man who seems to know the secret to fulfillment and happiness!

Matt Orwell
Matt is a renowned journalist, activist, and life guru. A passionate writer and freethinker, Matt is awake to the reality that really molds us. By using his plethora of experience and knowledge, he is able to connect to the world, providing valuable insights and reporting in hope of creating a more informed, more sustainable, and more awake planet.

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