I think most of us can identify with this on some level.

Most of us know about this all too well, having someone near us that always has a special power of bringing everyone down around them through negativity or hostile behavior.

If you suspect you live or work in a toxic environment, here are some warning signs listed below that may help you identify if your situation needs to change to reach your highest potential.

Signs you work or live in a toxic environment:

  1.  Disrespect and belittlement (trying to make you feel small, and or stupid)
  2.  Unreasonable pressure
  3.  Inequity, unfairness, favoritism, injustice
  4.  Any sort of harassment or bullying
  5.  Lack of empathy, lack of appreciation, lack of support
  6.  Excessive control tactics known as micromanagement
  7.  Morally questionable people, lack of integrity, and/or the encouragement of dishonesty around you.

If you are experiencing one or more of the attributes listed above at home or at work then you may be in a toxic environment that can stifle your growth and potential.

Signs of a healthy environment empower, involve, listen, appreciate, challenge, support, and mentor those around them. Healthy people and environments value hard work and a job well done, honesty, integrity, commitment and dedication.

It’s very easy to tell if you are surrounded by people that have your best interest at heart or not, and if the signs say it’s time to go, maybe it is. 

Continue to chase your dreams folks, don’t settle for less than you deserve. Create what you wish existed and be excellent to one another. The future of humanity depends on us, and what we decide to do NOW.


And, just in case you are one of the people that will argue this and say people should just “shut up and get back to work”, or anything like that, I invite you to take a look at some recent research from Harvard University that backs this up.

Harvard Research Proves Toxic Employees Destroy Your Culture and Your Bottom Line

The study from the Harvard Business School with more than 60,000 employees found a lot of very insightful and useful data that employers should take a look at.

This behavior isn’t just found at work, it can also be found at home too, so make sure you take care of yourself. Life should be enjoyed, surround yourself with healthy people and watch how fast your own health, energy, and potential are boosted.

Do you have any experience as work that can back up this data? Let us know in the comments.