Windowless Planes Will Give Passengers A Panoramic View Of The Sky

Check out this new innovation that will surely make air travel an unforgettable experience!

Soon in the future, we might just be able to say goodbye to the era of fighting for the window seat! The Center for Process Innovation, a British technology firm, is planning to create the future of air-travel and do away with the traditional windows on an airplane!

CPI, a member of the UK’s High-Value Manufacturing Catapult, is based in Northern England and its mission is to trigger development in new and exciting technologies.

Although the innovative concept is still in its initial design phase, developers are hoping it will be commonplace in the future and aim to build the world’s first windowless commercial aircraft in the next ten to fifteen years.

Instead of the traditional windows, the company plan to kit out the entire length of these futuristic planes in OLED touch screens, connected to cameras positioned all over the outside of the aircraft.

Credit: CPI

The screens would produce a realistic display of what’s going on outside the plane.

OLED (organic light-emitting diodes) are a thin film comprised of organic compounds that project light in reaction to a flow of electrical current

Passengers on the craft will be able to view the stunning scenes surrounding them, and to cure the inevitable in-flight boredom, the virtual windows can also be used as an entertainment system as well.

For passengers in the middle rows or aisle seats, they would be able to access the futuristic system on screens embedded in the head rest in front of them.

Credit: CPI

CPI are optimistic in their approach and state the new technology would mean the fuselage would be lighter without windows. This would in turn lead to less fuel needed to fly the ca=, fewer harmful emissions and lower operating costs for airlines.

Ultimately, lower fares would would be seen and wider seats would be available for passengers.

The concept of windowless planes is not a new one. In June 2018, Emirates Airlines unveiled a new first-class suite on board their latest aircraft, Boeing 777-300ER, and it featured beautiful virtual windows. The airline claims it makes flights lighter and faster.

Emirates president Sir Tim Clark reported that the images were “so good, it’s better than with the natural eye.”

Watch the video below to learn more about the future of air travel!