World’s First “Magic Mushroom” Microdosing Nasal Spray Announced

It’s no secret that pharmaceutical companies, private entities and global corporations have been making large investments into psychedelic therapies, notably psilocybin, the active chemical in “magic mushrooms.”

The FDA designated Psilocybin as a “breakthrough therapy” for depression and a host of other illnesses last year.

The sustained levels of investment has led to some innovative psilocybin-based medicines for depression that will hopefully be available on the market very soon.

Silo Wellness‘ new product is a psilocybin based nasal spray. It is intended to be used for microdosing. Silo Wellness say that consuming the substance via a nasal spray will help to combat some of the side effects that are commonly associated with psilocybin, such as nausea.

Silo Wellness CEO, Mike Arnold, states that the nasal spray also allows for precise dose as well as easy of application.

In a press release Arnold explained:

“We need to be able to give patients predictable dosing so they can self-titrate into the desired levels of sub-psychedelic or psychedelic treatment.

We solved the age-old problem with plant- and fungus-based medicine: How do you know how much is a dose? How do you avoid taking too much, like the cannabis edibles dilemma? We also managed to solve one of the common complaints of some mushroom users: taste and upset stomach.”

Psilocybin containing mushrooms are still federally illegal in the United States, even though the FDA’s stated “breakthrough” designation. Some areas such as Denver however, have moved to decriminalize the substance.

Due to the legal classification of psilocybin in the United States, Silo Wellness has been forced to develop their nasal spray in Jamaica.

Arnold said:

“I love our product and can’t wait until it’s legal in the United States, so we can share it with crime victims and first responders,”

Michael Hartman, Silo Wellness co-inventor and product developer, has given subtle hints that the product will be ready to go to market very soon.

Hartman said:

“This isn’t a ‘plan’ to develop a product or a ‘plan’ to open a facility. We have real proof of concept and continued research and development underway—not just an idea,”

In a recent press release by the company, Silo Wellness stated that they filed for a provisional patent application in July. The patent has been filed under, “Metered dosing formulations of plant and fungal compounds for oral, nasal, sublingual, and topical use.”

Both Arnold and Hartman are no strangers to the therapeutic drug industry and they have previously worked in the legal cannabis industry. Arnold was a lawyer for the cannabis industry, while Hartman was the inventor of a cannabis inhaler called Mystabis.

Arnold recalled:

“I never thought I would exit cannabis and pivot full time into psychedelics, but they changed my life. I want to share this medicine with the world by making it affordable and comfortable for all.

National media didn’t care about psychedelics until Denver passed their decriminalization ballot measure. Before that, everyone thought I was crazy when I told them that we were entering the medicinal psychedelics space in advance of Oregon legalizing in 2020,”

Earlier this year, the FDA approved a ketamine-based nasal spray, also for the treatment of depression.