Lets face it, flatulence is perfectly normal, but nobody really wants to be known as “fart machine” right?

Health experts say that a healthy person farts anywhere between 5 and 15 times a day.  But as we all know, some people fart considerably more than others and this is why inventors came up with the idea of creating the Flatulence Deodorizer.

This little charcoal-based pads can be attached to your underwear and will proceed to neutralize those bad smells. Designed and manufactured by Flat-D Innovations, the pads work like activated charcoal underwear but way more economical.

Charcoal is clinically proven to provide a number of health benefits and has a great ability to absorb smelly odors and nasty toxins. It’s quite often used as a filter for liquids and gases.

The material used in these pads is very thin at 1/16th of an inch thick so you get maximum comfort when you deploy your secret fart gases. You can also wash the pads again and again and the product won’t lose its effectiveness. The pads are also laminated on both sides with a wafer thin layer of polyester adding strength and durability in case of any aggressive wind releases. The slim pads are light and very breathable with the makers promising that wearers won’t even notice they’re wearing them.

The material used in the pads is environmentally friendly and safe to the human body according the the company and they add that there are absolutely no side effects to the hypoallergenic pads.

Activated carbon acts in the same way as a sponge, sucking up and absorbing gases at a micro level.

Reviews are quite positive after several people have already successfully tested the product through rigorous fart testing.

One farter, Maria, says she can finally enjoy sleeping in the same room as her husband, adding that the pads have to be placed directly on the “spot.”

Another delighted customer noted that her colleagues no longer complain about her “crop dusting.” She ending up buying 10 packs.