You Can Now Get Thrown in Jail For Leaving Dogs In The Snow


Back in July 2016, a gorgeous little puppy named Libre was rescued just before suffering a nasty death on a Quarryville-area farm, Pennsylvania.

Due to the horrific state that the puppy was found in, lawmakers in the state have been obliged to formulate new laws and act on their responsibilities to save animals from this type of cruelty during harsh weather conditions such as blistering sun or freezing snow.

In 2018, the United Kingdom suffered one of it’s strongest heatwaves in decades and thousands of dog were struggling to hydrate and stay cool. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals received up to 600 emergency calls about the poor animals so the government quickly took action. They issued a stark warning to pet owners about leaving their dogs trapped in hot cars.

If the pet owners were found guilty in court, they are liable to face and unlimited fine and jail time. The government’s warning ensured the responsibility of dog owners to keep their pets safe in severe weather conditions.

Pennsylvania has now introduced a law against leaving dogs in extreme hot or cold weather

Lawmakers in Pennsylvania noticed the effect of the UK’s law change and how effective it had become, so much so that they decided to do the same. Legislators in the state have now passed a law making it illegal to leave your dog tied up for longer than 30 minutes if the temperature is lower than 32 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer than 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Legislators in the state have named it Libre’s Law, and they fully expect it to prevent animal cruelty, or at least drastically curtail. If you violate the law, expect to face a whopping fine and jail time from anywhere between six months to one year. You’re also a pretty crappy person if you allow this to happen.

Bryan Langlois, medical director for the Pet Pantry of Lancaster County, said:

“There were a lot of times we wanted to pursue serious charges against an individual but the law did not allow us to do this. The new law now finally sends the message that animal abusers will not just get away with a slap on the wrist and minimal fine.”

The law change has been inspired by Libre the dog, who was found in the worst conditions imaginable in Southern Lancaster County.

The small puppy, just 7 weeks old, experienced neglect, horrible trauma and emotional abuse from his owners. Luckily, a good Samaritan found the pup and proceeded to inform a local animal rights group who saved him from a lifetime of misery and pain.

You’ll be glad to know that Libre has fully recovered since her ordeal.

A study carried out by Kristen Tullo, director of the Humane Society in Pennsylvania, noted that a correlation has been shown between animal abuse and domestic violence.

Credit: Mike Prince/Flickr

Jennifer Nields, the cruelty officer for the Lancaster County Animal Coalition, said:

“This won’t stop cruelty, but it will put an emphasis on the importance of justice for their suffering. The laws are recognition of their pain and what they deserve.”

Pennsylvania is now the first state in the US that has a law against leaving dogs in extreme hot or cold weather conditions.

Although other states have previously established laws that prevent owners from chaining their dogs for long periods of time, Pennsylvania has become the first state to specifically address the cruelty of doing it in extreme weather conditions.

So please, if you’re a dog owner and you’re reading this, you must protect them from harmful weather.

Regularly check their paws for any signs of blister or injury, and take them for regular check ups at the vet, at least twice a year. You can even invest in a pet sweater or coat for your animal so they can stay nice and warm.

Besides, if you have a pet and treat them like crap, then what’s the point? If you can’t show them the love and respect they deserve, then don’t get one.

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